Apache OpenOffice 2018 Free Download Portable

Apache OpenOffice 2018 Free Download Portable– formerly known as OpenOffice.org – is an open-source office productivity software suite word that is containing, spreadsheet, presentation, visuals, formula editor, and database management applications. OpenOffice can be acquired in many languages, works on all conventional computers, shops information in ODF – the international standard that is open – and it is in a position to read and write files in other formats, including the form used by the most common office suite packages. OpenOffice is also able to export data in PDF structure. OpenOffice has supported extensions, similarly to Mozilla Firefox, making easy to add new functionality to an OpenOffice installation that is existing.

Apache OpenOffice 2018 Free Download Portable

Apache OpenOffice 2018 Free Download Portable

Apache OpenOffice 2018 Free Download Portable

Apache OpenOffice 2018 Free Download Portable is both a product that is open-source a project. The product is an office productivity suite that is multiplatform. It offers desktop applications such as a word processor, a spreadsheet program, a presentation manager, and a program that is drawing with a user interface and function set similar to those of other office suites. Apache OpenOffice also works transparently with many different file formats, including those of Microsoft Office. Localizations of Apache OpenOffice are for sale in 27 languages, with more being continually added by the community. Apache OpenOffice runs on Solaris, Linux (including PPC Linux), and Windows. Written in C++ sufficient reason for documented APIs licensed under the LGPL and SISSL open-source protocols, Apache OpenOffice allows any developer that is knowledgeable enjoy the source.

Apache OpenOffice 2018 Free Download Portable


  • Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)
  • 170+ Languages
  • Extensions and Templates available
  • Commercial support available
  • New Sidebar
  • Interoperability Improvements for Text Documents, Spreadsheet Documents, Presentation Documents and OOXML extendable as
  • a whole
  • DrawObject Improvements/Enhancements
  • Brand New Color Palette
  • Brand New Gradients
  • New Gallery Themes and Gallery enhancements
  • Refined the choice Handles Interface
  • Refined Selection Visualization
  • Better Print Preview
  • Enhanced conversion to Bitmap Graphics
  • Enhanced Copy/Paste
  • Enhanced Drag&Drop
  • Adapt LineStart/End to LineWidth
  • SVG Export enhancements
  • SVG/Metafile Break improvement
  • SVG Import improvements
  • Picture Crop mode offers preview
  • Unified visualization of ColorPalette popup
  • Transparency support for pixel formats (PNG)
  • Connectors help rotation
  • Corrected Hatch fill style visualization
  • Better support that is gradient metafiles
  • Calc and Chart Improvements/Enhancements
  • Support Pie Chart that is relative height
  • New Functions: AVERAGEIFS, COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, XOR, LEFTB, RIGHTB, LENB, MIDB and RAND (reimplemented to use them
  • the algorithm that is Mersenne-Twister
  • Extensions Improvements/Enhancement
  • New Toolbar management
  • Unified menu API
  • Efficiency Improvements/Enhancements

Apache OpenOffice 2018 Free Download Portable

If you’re looking Microsoft-caliber applications for free, OpenOffice has alternatives to Word, PowerPoint, succeed, Access, and more. OpenOffice has come a long way after racing to enhance Microsoft Office to its compatibility

Apache OpenOffice 2018 Free Download Portable is open-source that is leading computer software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and databases. The application comes in many languages and works on all computer systems that are common.


  • Great software

Apache OpenOffice is the total outcome of over twenty years’ software engineering. Created from the start as an item that is single of, it has a consistency other products cannot match. A development that is open implies that anyone can report bugs, request new features, or enhance the program.

  • Simple to use

Apache OpenOffice is straightforward to discover, and if you are already using another working office software package, you’ll take it right away. The native-language that worldwide ensures that Apache OpenOffice is probably available and supported in your language.

  • Free

Most readily useful of all, Apache OpenOffice can be used and downloaded entirely free of any license fees. Apache OpenOffice is released under the LGPL license. This means you may use it for almost any purpose – domestic, commercial, educational, general public administration.

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Apache OpenOffice 2018 Free Download Portable
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