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Google Play Store 16.8.19 Android + Windows + PC Full Version Free Download

Google Play Store 16.8.19 apk is putting new restrictions on which Android programs can track your location in the backdrop, with a new review process that will check whether an app needs the use of this information. The changes were announced at a blog post to Android developers earlier this past week. Google claims that from all-new, its that ask for desktop access will need to pass review, enlarging to most of the programs. Even though location tracking can be an essential feature for all programs and services, it might be invasive when apps indiscriminately ask for location access. Monitoring is much worse since it means that you may be unaware of which apps on your mobile are tracking you at any time in time.

Google Play Store 16.8.19 apk Android + Windows + PC Full Version Free Download

In contrast, states its policies will connect with its programs, which is reassuring given the firm’s less-than-perfect approach to spot monitoring before. In conclusion, it introduced a new feature to enable you to automatically delete this location data mechanically after having a specific quantity of time. The announcement post reminds programmers they’re accountable for libraries, and they use it in their apps. This past calendar analysis found that some apps were using those to track users when users had opted out of location observation. However, the review process isn’t due to formally launch until claims that programmers can request feedback starting in might to see if their programs are going to have the ability to justify desktop location tracking.


  • The interface is exceptionally different, although apple.
  • And Google uses their algorithm to rank in apps in the search outcome.
  • The app name will be the only essential element that appears from its search engine outcome.
  • The app name plays a more critical role in terms of conversion optimization on this.
  • The subtitle fluctuates widely in length in the app store also serves another function.
  • Apple still depends upon a keyword field to choose which keywords to rank your app for.
  • The extended description can be an essential ranking factor.
  • However, keywords used in the very long haul don’t position in the Apple App Store.
  • Screenshots just show up at the search results inside.
  • And play a critical part to convince customers to download your program automatically.
  • App preview videos autoplay from the app store search results.
  • From the Google Play store, the video looks in addition to this page.
  • It takes backlinks into account within their algorithm.

Make a Developer Account

  • A programmer account must upload an app.
  • And also, the process is more straightforward than it sounds.
  • The account is created in just four steps.

Develop a Google Wallet Merchant and Link into Your Developer Account

  • A merchant account must receive payments made by users to download the program.
  • All the payments will be received within the retailer accounts.
  • And creating one isn’t much trouble.
  • Follow the following steps to produce a Google Wallet Merchant until you put in a program.
  • Sign in with your developer accounts.
  • Head to the menu and click on Reports.
  • Click on Set Up a Merchant Account Now. Add Your Company details.
  • Click on Submit. The retailer account will be connected with your programmer accounts.

Upload the App on Play Store 16.8.19 

  • You can upload the program Play Store, after registering the merchant account.
  • Often startups and entrepreneurs fear to upload a program.
  • Keep on studying, and you’re going to know it is not tricky.
  • From the menu, then select All Applications. Click Add a New Application.
  • Choose the default language from the drop-down menu.
  • Insert the title of your program of not more than characters.
  • Now, you have two options to proceed with publishing your app.
  • You can click Get Store Listing.

Establish the Android Package Kit

  • The even Android Package Kit is a file format for both Android that stores.
  • Distributes and installs apps on Android devices.
  • It could be uploaded by dragging and dropping it in the package or by surfing and browsing.
  • From the menu, then click on Release Management. Select App Releases.
  • Pick the type of release for the first release from an internal test, open test, or production.
  • Tap on Create Release. Practice the instruction upload the files.
  • If you’re planning to examine your program on specific users.
  • Then pick from an interior test, closed evaluation, or start evaluation.
  • If prepared to introduce your program to the mass audience, then choose production release.
  • It’s suggested to examine the program with a smaller audience before a massive launch.

Insert Content Rating

  • There are chances in case it’s not rated, that the app is going to be removed from it.
  • Select the program in the Play Console and click Store Presence from the menu.
  • The rating assists in bringing the viewer that is appropriate to the app.
  • Make sure that you provide accurate details and correct score.
  • Not only is a false rating misguide the users.
  • But may additionally get the app suspended or taken from it.

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