Handy Recovery Android Full APK + Latest Free Download

Handy Recovery Android Full APK Download Not all data retrieval scenarios are the same. You have to regain a recently deleted document of a file type that is common by a famous location. Then there would be the situations when you have to recover millions of files from an unknown place, and also that you also don’t know what file types you are currently recovering. It will not make sense to utilize precisely the Very Same data retrieval procedure if you Consider it

Handy Recovery Android Full APK + Latest Free Download


With the development of smartphones in the past couple of years, shooting photos along with recording videos with a smartphone has turned into a huge fad. Family photos and videos that are listed are valuable treasures. It’s a smart move to keep them safe.

With the assistance of this smartphone recovery tool, it is rather simple to get back your lost photos, videos, audio notes, and different records. Therefore you have no worries concerning the files stored on your Android mobile from today on.

Data Recovery is a portion of this Disk Drill data recovery family! This means to aid and more features, making 7-Data not merely among the powerful sd-card recovery software tools nevertheless the most powerful. Disk Drill is capable of regaining Almost any file format in your erased or damaged camera SD card, such as but not limited 

Significance of useful Recovery

It is breaking the mobile screen, dropping the phone in water or device moving black without reacting thanks to system virus or crash. The method may not be costly, but the files inside it are priceless, especially those videos and photos that contain memories. It’d have been a great shame. This Data Retrieval for Android can retrieve data from broken up Android or damaged tablets such as files, contacts, messages, videos, gallery and even more, Effortlessly

Disk Drill May Be your Finest Software for Data Recovery

  • But these similarities aside Handy Recovery can’t match the range of features provided by Disk Drill, nor does it match Disk Drill’s polished graphical user interface and design.
  • Taking a look at retrieval solutions sidebyside, it’s clear that there is a difference between them.
  • Handy Recovery is a data recovery solution by the time when computers were associated with geeks, and equally geeky paid IT professionals.
  • Users are expected to understand, and also, the design doesn’t inspire confidence. Handy Recovery does not support nearly as many document systems as Disk Drill, and a data recovery algorithm limits it.
  • Disk Drill, on the other hand, exemplifies may applications be. Disk Drill speaks in the language users without profound IT knowledge understand, yet it may do all that much reachable data recovery tools could.

Hady recovery of formating:

  • All common video format
  • All popular audio format
  • All popular image formats
  • Many complex camera programs
  • Specialty formats like many more and XML, PPT DOCX

Android Data Extraction

  •  program by simply clicking on the computer software’s icon. An interface pops up on the screen.
  • Join your damaged smartphone to a PC using a USB data cable.
  • Select the kind of data that you wish to recuperate. 
  • Choose the type of problem that you are facing with your smartphone.
  • Choose the black/broken screen option for this particular instance.
  • Input your device name and version and click Next
  • The software downloads the recovery package in this period. 
  • Select all of the files out of the software port and click recover. Doing so saves all the recovered information to your PC


  • It may be utilized to regain all types of data, including contacts, messages, call logs, videos, photos, and records.
  • It’s appropriate for all major Android devices and all Android OS.
  • It is quite user-friendly. It is possible to recover data in just a few minutes and with a few simple actions.
  • It can be applied to recover data whatever the circumstances are, resulting in data loss.
  • It comes with a trailer function to help you choose only the data you need to recover


  • accidentally deleted contacts, messages, photos, etc… Android.
  • Data was lost, later on, rooting Android devices.
  • You are fashing a ROM to your Android phone.
  • Data was erased later, restoring Android to mill settings.
  • The device has been damaged or broken; it can not access the information on Android.

Partition of useful retrieval:

  • Crucial files which you have lost on your memory card
  • Files that you’ve accidentally or intentionally deleted
  • Files Which Were corrupted due to hardware error
  • Documents Which Were dropped because of formatting
  • Loss information due to viruses
  • Data dropped on your phones through phone data recovery


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