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PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Apk Android + Windows + PC Full Version Free Download

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Apk is just one of the most popular video games ever sold, which makes it an experience all gamers need to possess. Its image quality is excellent, even on mobile. PUBG is not too gory in which parents and people with weak stomachs appreciate global. At its core, it is a match of strategy that may entertain you for hours. Players choose which island they would like to play and therefore so are matched with up to players in each match. But, there’s some grassroots feeling that some of these people you are paired with are robots, particularly as the game’s desktop popularity is very slowly declining. Pick between Erangel Sanhok and Miramar islands. Erangel may be the first game European and map in character. The desert theme of Miramar provides almost no open and practically no pay distance. The activity and loot of Miramar are found in its cities that were huge, dotted one of the enormous deserts.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Apk Android + Windows + PC Full Version Free Download

Sanhok is the map with a jungle motif, where you’re able to reach virtually any part of the plan from the plane, unlike the three worlds. In the close quarters of Sanhok, you’ll find yourself sinking into enemies faster than. Vikendi will be the latest map release, and it features a snowy theme that is merry. Pick on your player’s avatar, enter pictures amount, experience level, add dive, and accessories. Looting as you go Once you get in your map of choice, proceed from place to place. Avoid attempting a kill if you don’t convince of one’s Shooter or giving your location away. Last for as long as you can, eliminating other players to success. Its nature develops as you develop experience and success. Victory tastes extra considering the number of players is in each game. Even those who have ordinary videogame competency have a shot at winning in this. Focus on a fantastic and strategy team, communicating to get your self.

Top Features:

  • Combine a match on Erangel to get an opportunity to experience the Amusement Park.
  • Check out the Reverse Bungee launching into the atmosphere to brand new heights!
  • No sound prompts and manual activities have to pick up and open doors.
  • All to offer you an even far more realistic encounter. Modified firearms and weapons
  • Enhanced fluency, control, power consumption, performance, and Lobby UI
  • New disease mode and map. New style system more appearances and techniques!
  • Pirate Global Treasure Hunt and menu theme! Royale Walk Season items restocked!
  • The daily mission system improved. The Android installation package was reduced.


  • From Erangel into Miramar, Vikendi into Sanhok, compete for these enormous.
  • And detailed battlegrounds varying in size, terrain, day and night cycles, and dynamic weather.


  • By the classic player style, the thrilling payload manner to the lightning.
  • Team Deathmatch modes, in addition to the full Zombie modes.
  • There’s something for everyone! There is something for everyone.
  • Play Solo, Duo, and at Squads. Fire your weapon into your heart’s content!
  • Play a Clan or be a lone wolf soldier and answer the responsibility.
  • Offers first-person Shooter and third-person Shooter play with.
  • Tons of vehicles for many of the various terrains from the game.
  • Along with an arsenal of realistic weapons.
  • Find your perfect ride and pieces to rail towards the circle that is last!


  • Everyday challenges and events, and monthly updates are delivering fresh gameplay.
  • Features and manners that maintain Apk always expanding and growing.
  • Our sincere and powerful anti-cheating mechanisms.
  • Where everyone plays with the rules.
  • Guarantee an unbiased and gaming environment.

It’s the top survival match to get a motive.

  • PUBG has plenty of things. More than excitement and action.
  • Also, it lets itself be creative, so players will not be bored.
  • The other game styles also consist of zombie attacks.
  • Where you might need to guard your self against the living and the dead.
  • PUBG may get you at the edge of one’s seat until you have experience.
  • Winning against a hundred players, but success’s never felt so good.

What Are Endless Insights?

  • With one particular plan that is affordable.
  • You can generate insights and make these available to an unlimited number of users.
  • Hotjar will gather insights.

About PUBG apk for cellular

  • Way of a Korean firm and official annually after launched on the box first released on PC.
  • Tencent introduced PUBG Mobile APK.
  • The world’s largest revenue Chinese game company.
  • Despite being developed by an alternative game maker.
  • The video game brings the same experience as the PC.
  • And games console versions in terms of content.

What’s new:

  • I added Team Deathmatch mode to EvoGround.
  • Enhanced cheating detection
  • Added MVP Show Case
  • Players will now leave paths in the snow
  • Added a Godzilla theme
  • Added brand new popularity gift, standing rewards and titles

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