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Subway Surfers 1.118.0 Android + Windows + Full Version Free Download

Subway Surfers 1.118.0 Apk can be a runner mobile game mechanized just like the Temple Run. Where you must flee from law enforcement at the abandoned train station, the trains must be running at the full rate. In cases like this, you need to move cautiously. You would appreciate the metro surf experiences, including super keys, jet pack surfing, flying fun, plus much more. Some of this game’s highlight features include layouts and 3D metro surf recreation scenarios, skateboard surfing fun, energizing, and obstacles that are fresh and realistic effects. You aren’t restricted to a single personality, as stated above. Choose between personalities and check how far you can run. In this match, you would certainly be truly challenging your limits, unlike the surfing game.

Subway Surfers 1.118.0 Android + Windows + Full Version Free Download

It is a platform that is Phone. Players of this game take the role of youthful hooligans who, upon being captured in the act of employing graffiti into a subway railway website, run the tracks to escape the Inspector and his dog. They grab coins from the atmosphere while dodging collisions with other things as well as railway cars as the hooligans run. Objects, such as the Weekly Hunt, can result in an award from the match. Subway Surfers was released with updates based on holidays. Since upgrades are predicated on a World Tour, which puts the game in a brand new city every month. If you want to download subway crawlers mod apk, which is in together with the latest version, it’s not necessary to move anywhere.

What is Subway Surfers 1.118.0  APK

  • Subway surfers are a kind of game that comes from the running category.
  • This match I have already told you there is a boy that runs and has got your dog behind him.
  • Who tries to catch him, and the dog is the policeman behind the dog.
  • Who attempts to bring it into his community square. This game has some story.
  • This match has been teamed up from the company kilo and SYBO Games of Denmark.
  • This game has been made on all platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc..

The Popular Limitless Running Sport Refined

  • New Super Subway is an energized and brand new version.
  • Of the most famous racing sport that is perpetual.
  • Round the planet, you would certainly be running in this match.
  • And will not just be confined to monotonous characters and subway surfing.

Fresh and Unique

  • New Super Subway Surf 1.118.0 offers energizing perpetual running obstructions.
  • To put it differently, the fun quotient has been increased exponentially.
  • You would undoubtedly be digging dangerous train tracks, avoiding obstacles and traps.
  • To begin, commence running that was interminable and select your character.
  • Be sure the authorities will not grab you, and you aim to continue running.
  • Besides, coins collect items that boost your abilities during performing assignments.

Top features of Subway Surfers

  • Grind the trains along with your trendy team!
  • Top Quality images and colour.
  • Take your jet pack and jump in the air.
  • Swipe left or right to complete all kinds of stunts.
  • Evaluate your scores with friends and family.
  • Different assignments have to be completed.
  • Daily challenges are readily available.
  • Challenge your friends and help.
  • Smooth control. Control an entire crew of figures
  • Rideon trains along with your hoverboard
  • Fly over challenges with a jetpack
  • Challenge the records of folks from all over the world


  • Much More enjoyable
  • Various hurdles
  • Solid pictures quality
  • pragmatic sound affects


  • The police-dodging assumption is erroneous.
  • Perhaps a bit too violent for youngsters.
  • Extortionate built-in purchases
  • Annoying popups

What’s New?

  • Travel to festive Washington, D.C. on the Subway Surfers World Tour
  • Experience Capitol Hill up close and surf a Subway decorated for election
  • Dress up with the festive Tally Outfit and unlock the majestic Eagle board
  • Win Weekly Hunt prizes by collecting ballot boxes on the tracks
  • Get the exclusive Google Play Hexed board and spook up your Subway run.
  • Go to Transylvania on the Subway Surfers World Tour
  • Celebrate Halloween in a Subway full of spooky castles and mystical forests
  • Upgrade the Phantom board and zap sideways through the Subway
  • Go ghost hunting on the tracks to earn Weekly Hunt prizes.


  • Supported devices: HT77ML 4.1

The best way to play subway Surfers 1.118.0?

  • All in the reflexes of this match in that the paths will progress over with a finger gesture.
  • So he can jump, walk, move left-to-right or ride his stride.
  • All game activity happens at full throttle.
  • So, in some cases, you might start to believe that this is a challenging game.
  • If this is the case, then you can search the internet for tips or hacks to overcome those issues.
  • If you complete the day to day challenges.
  • You are going to be in a position to carry unlockable elements for the game.

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